Fine coat painting service the painting system procedures

First of all fine coat painting service painters look for good spot to set up our paint and materials away of traffic areas and rain. Then you house set up would be looked after as some assistance in term of moving big items in the centre of the rooms and having them covered. In addition to that our painters would be covering the floors with drop sheets.

Preparation of painting work

As a good preparation is a secret to a good painting job our painters would be spending a considerable amount of time on surface preparation in order to have a good sound surface for paint application in which it involves:
– Scraping of any loose, flaky paints.
– Filling of holes and cracks in ceilings, walls and wood work.
– Sanding and dusting of filled surfaces and any other areas which require sanding.
– All interior or exterior gaps are to be caulked.
– Bare plaster is to be sealed and wood work to be primed by appropriate under coats.

Application of paint

After all of the above steps are followed then it comes to professional application of high quality paint. As every paint job is different and so customers demand or request for their painting work to be done Fine Coat Painting is flexible to adjust to these changes accordantly. Fine coat painting service makes every effort to discuss the painting process with our valued customers from the date of the start of the job, through the set up process and to the completion of the job.

Fine Coat Painting Service offers our valued customers a personalised service for both interior and exterior painting and decorating work. Fine Coat Painting Service is licensed and insured for public liability insurance for your peace of mind.

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